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For large volume orders, we offer the ability to create a sensor that is best suited to your application. We can create completely novel semiconductor integrated circuits to your precise specifications. Feel free to contact us to get more information.
Custom sensors

Key benefits

State-of-the-art SPAD technology

State-of-the-art SPAD technology

We offer one of the best SPAD semiconductor technologies currently available on the market. Our pixels are optimized for high sensitivity and low noise. It enables a peak photon detection probability of more than 50%, a typical dark count rate of less than 100 cps. This modular technology enables our pixel arrays to expand in number and change architecture, thus offering full design flexibility.


Design house experience

Our team has an accumulated experience in SPAD design and development of over 20 years. We have developed numerous semiconductor sensors with different complexity and are able to best meet the requirements for your application.