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About us

Pi Imaging Technology is fundamentally changing the way we detect light. We do that by creating photon-counting arrays with the highest sensitivity and lowest noise.

We enable our partners to introduce innovative products. The end-users of these products perform cutting-edge science, develop better products and services in life science and quantum information.

Pi Imaging Technology bases its technology on 7 years of dedicated work at TU Delft and EPFL and 6 patent applications. The core of it is a single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) designed in standard semiconductor technology. This enables our photon-counting arrays to have an unlimited number of pixels and adaptable architectures.

Join our team

Open application

We are hiring talented individuals with a strong motivation to develop the next generation photon-counting technology. We are looking for interdisciplinary persons with engineering or business background. 

Location: Bâtiment C, Fondation EPFL Innovation Park, 1015 Lausanne


Students and interns looking for semester projects are welcome to join us at EPFL Innovation Park. We are looking for persons to work on cleanroom fabrication, optical measurements, PCB and FPGA design.

Location: Bâtiment C, Fondation EPFL Innovation Park, 1015 Lausanne

  • Pi Imaging Technology SA
  • Headquarters:
  • Bâtiment C, EPFL Innovation Park,
  • 1015 Lausanne,
  • Switzerland
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